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Durable and Flexible Rubber Sealant for Grain Bins

Hot pour rubber sealant is unlike any other sealant. Our rubber sealant stays flexible in all weather allowing it to expand and contract while bin foundation ring moves. It eliminates crop spoilage, seals any air and water leaks, keeps concrete floors dryer which reduces cracking and chipping of foundation. Our sealant also prevents bottom ring from rusting unlike tar sealants, spray foam sealants, and white or grey elastic sealants which cause damage to bin by releasing from metal allowing water to lay between bin ring and sealant.

Sealant Application

Protect your grain with our hot rubber sealant, applied by our experienced professionals to your bins and Quonset buildings Most roofing tar cracks or pulls away within a year, and membrane tape develops bubbles and pulls away, Spray foam develops holes and cracks allowing moisture in ( creating a nice warm home for rats and mice!)  but rubber stays flexible and is guaranteed not to peel or crack.

All bins are first cleaned which invlolves removal of old sealant ( if needed ) wire brushed or pressure washed whichever the bin calls for.

After the bin is cleaned the Hot Pour Rubber sealant is heated to 425 degrees until it becomes liquid, and is then applied all the way around your structure and around fan and dryer transitions in two layers. The first layer is applied with a brush while it is still hot, while the second layer is poured to improve the thickness.

Instead of paying for yearly maintenance needed when using other applications, save time and money with our long-lasting maintenance free rubber sealant. If you notice air or water leaks on your bins, or the bottom ring is starting to rust, now is the time to apply new sealant.

We apply hot rubber on brand new bins as well as older bins, as well as around or behind stiffeners and the transition of fans. Hot rubber can be sealed on the outside or inside of your bins and lasts for years. We offer a five-year warranty on our sealant to protect your purchase.

We also provide tar and sealant removal when applying new sealant, if you prefer. Completely different from any kind of sealant on the market, hot rubber stays flexible in all temperatures, expanding and contracting without releasing from the bins, able to stick to any surface.

Insects and rodents cannot eat through this substance, and it does not become sticky during hot weather. Our company is the only one in the area that uses this special sealant, so ask for a free estimate today.


Contact us to try our rubber sealant on your grain bins and see the difference hot rubber makes.